Noah's is an organization unlike any other. Living with them and being on staff with their employees fully submerged me in with the story being written for Noah's Ark, and therefore helped me provide a visual aid for sharing this story. 

Noah's is a whitewater rafting and adventure company south of Denver, CO in a town called Buena Vista; Colorado's hidden gem. We run the Arkansas River and hike throughout the Collegiate Peaks and other surrounding mountain ranges.

Noah's Ark is different than the 20 or so other companies in the valley because of its story. What is that story? Well it's a long one, that dates back to the '80's, well before I was around to help tell it. But that story is no longer told as much as it is lived out in every individual on staff. In every river and mountain guide, BCAP employee, in every friendship, and bunkmate. These are the stories I chose to tell, because what set this place apart is its people.